Japanese Light Novel Sales for w/c 24th November – summary and assorted comments

Full sales data can be found here: http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1318459

As expected, OreGairu gets a second week on top, adding another 22k sales. DxD in second on the bunko light novel rankings again as well.

Top new release of the week was volume 4 of Turuku no Kaizoku. This is one of those cases of something that Amazon doesn’t list as a light novel, despite the fact that it lists other releases from C★NOVELS Fantasia as light novels. Amazon isn’t really the best source to get the lists from but it’s the easiest one that doesn’t miss out the tiny labels which is why I use it.

The top new release is Sennen Sensou Aigis – a series which I know so little about that I actually somehow spelled the title wrong despite it being clearly written on the cover of the book. Oops. Anyway, 11852 sales isn’t bad at all for 2 days’s sales of a new series.

Tokyo Ravens volume 12 adds almost 10k more sales. It should overtake volume 11 for the status of bestselling volume of the series. Given this and its performance on the yearly rankings, I imagine we can add this series to the lists of things that will consistantly bring in >30k sales now.

Risou no Himo Seikatsu sees a really impressive sales boost – getting 9.5k sales in the same amount of time as the last volume got just 4.8k. I wonder where that came from.

On the other hand, Full Metal Panic’s latest volume is about 30% down on the last one in just a day or two less – that’s almost as much of a drop as it gained in total this week, so the reduction in time isn’t really significant.

Seikoku no Dragonar is faring even worse, not even managing in two weeks what the last volume did in one. Then again the last volume did come out whilst the anime was airing.

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