100% foolproof way to make me import an anime from Japan

Here is a simple, five-step guide for any anime production committee on a way to be 100% confident of getting me to import your anime:

Step 1 – Pick your series to adapt so that it is one that I already know about, have looked into in depth/read and either love or have right at the top of my plan-to-get list.

Step 2 – Make sure the anime does the series full justice and presents it in such a way as to make it by far my favourite anime of the season. If you have done step 1 and the series is as good as I expect it to be then this shouldn’t be too hard. Even if creating an anime with the god-tier artwork that the original illustrations have is impossible.

Step 3 – Pick a season to air the anime when there’s no other anime that I’m importing.

Step 4 – Have the packaging artwork done by the series’ original illustrator.

Step 5 – Include an original story written by the original creator as a bonus for the anime release.

Follow these five simple steps and you can guarantee that I’ll be buying your anime.

And, as such, I have just preordered volume Tail 1 of Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.


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