No weekly watching roundups for Summer 2017 + more

Due to my work hours substantially increasing earlier this week and probably continuing over the next few months, I’m having to cut back on certain other things I do with my time, and rearrange others. Amongst other things this will of course be affecting this blog.

Here’s the plan for the regular posts on here over the next few months:
– There will be no weekly watching roundup posts at any point during Summer 2017. Instead, there will be a single season roundup post at the end of the season. There will be no “episodes watched” list on that post as this would be pointless. I may also not give details about many series I watched in that post either.
– Monthly POS ranks will not be posted in this time. These are the regular (more than 2 per year) posts that take the longest to type up, and also the posts that get the least attention.
– Monthly sales figures will be posted as usual, though some of them may be late.
– Weekly light novel releases will be posted as usual, but I will not be adding series to MAL and may not update the posts with changes.
– A watching intentions post should be up for next season tomorrow. Autumn’s post may be late.

Restarting the POS Bunsho rankings

Back in April the Shoseki blog stopped publishing Bunsho rankings after the Kumamoto earthquake, which obviously meant that I couldn’t post them on this site any more. In Octember I started to post the Bunko ranks instead, starting with March’s rankings, which I then intended to catch up with and continue posting.instead of the Bunsho rankings.

But there were two things that mean that this is no longer the plan.

For one, the process is absurdly time consuming. There are almost twice as many light novels on the bunko ranking as there are on the bunsho ones, which, combined with the fact that the titles that appear tend to be relatively obscure ones, means that the whole process can take about 8 hours of solid work. Just for one blog post. Sure, it means more data, but the rankings actually become less meaningful, provide less value, and miss out big sellers that aren’t in bunko format.

Secondly, though, the bunsho rankings started back up shortly after I made that first post. This thus makes it possible to restart the bunsho rankings and thus there is no need to catch up with the bunko ones.

However, the bunsho rankings have not filled in the missing weeks – instead they start back up from October. Thus this is where I will start posting them from as well. This then leaves a gap from April to September, and I will gradually continue posting the bunko ranks to fill in this gap. But there is no longer the need to catch up, and the priority will be the Bunsho rankings from here onwards.

The bunsho rankings for October are all ready to post, and will be up on here tomorrow. The ones for November came out a couple of days ago and should be posted at some point either next week or the week after.

The labels included will be stabilised from here onwards as the same as those in the bunko rankings plus various non-bunko labels, rather than the somewhat haphazard approach I took previously. Read more to see the list if interested.

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Restarting postings of the POS rankings – with the bunko ranks this time.

Starting next week I will be posting up the monthly POS bunko rankings. It’s been 6 months now since the last bunsho rankings were posted, so I might as well switch, even though this version misses some series.

I’ll be starting with the same month as the last one that I posted the bunsho rankings for (March 2016), for comparison purposes. I intend to then post more than one a month until I catch up.

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