No weekly watching roundups for Summer 2017 + more

Due to my work hours substantially increasing earlier this week and probably continuing over the next few months, I’m having to cut back on certain other things I do with my time, and rearrange others. Amongst other things this will of course be affecting this blog.

Here’s the plan for the regular posts on here over the next few months:
– There will be no weekly watching roundup posts at any point during Summer 2017. Instead, there will be a single season roundup post at the end of the season. There will be no “episodes watched” list on that post as this would be pointless. I may also not give details about many series I watched in that post either.
– Monthly POS ranks will not be posted in this time. These are the regular (more than 2 per year) posts that take the longest to type up, and also the posts that get the least attention.
– Monthly sales figures will be posted as usual, though some of them may be late.
– Weekly light novel releases will be posted as usual, but I will not be adding series to MAL and may not update the posts with changes.
– A watching intentions post should be up for next season tomorrow. Autumn’s post may be late.

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