Regarding monthly LN sales rankings for April.

The Oricon rankings have been available for some time now, and I am fully aware of this. Other things have taken priority over the last few days, but I will post this up sometime before the end of this week.

Shoseki has stopped posting the bunsho rankings since the Kumamoto earthquake, with the last set of data being for week commencing 11th April, and had a message edited in saying announcing the pause and saying that it would be resumed.

The POS monthly bunko rankings were posted today, but I have decided to not post these. Instead I will wait for the bunsho rankings to be posted. If there is no sign of a return after a reasonable period of time, I will switch to these instead (as I have done on the MAL threads for weekly rankings already). Bear in mind if I do so that any light novel series that is not a bunko format release will not be included.

Incidentally, the LNDB sales thread will not be updated again until early June. This is entirely due to my personal priorities.

One thought on “Regarding monthly LN sales rankings for April.

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