Weekly Watching Roundup – Winter 2016 season of catchup week 1

Very short post this week. Maybe in the upcoming week I’ll actually get some time to myself… Who knows. Although there are various other things I’m working through. And I’m spending more time reading than watching.

Episodes watched in the past week:
Itoshi no Muco 13
Itoshi no Muco 14
Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 1
Noragami Aragato 12
Noragami Aragato 13 END
Arslan Senki 21
Arslan Senki 22
Arslan Senki 23
Arslan Senki 24
Arslan Senki 25 END

Noragami Aragato – The first half was definitely better than the second, although the last part was certainly interesting. I’m getting the manga already – maybe I should get around to actually reading it at some point.

Arslan Senki – well it had been a while since I last watched this series, so it took a few minutes to work out what exactly was going on. Once I had gotten into it again, though, I remembered how good the series had been, and soon found myself watching all the remaining episodes back to back (which is not what I had intended to do

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