Weekly watching roundup – Autumn 2015 Week 13

Literally every anime watched this week was on the same day. The rest of the time has been spent on various other things. So there were very few episodes watched this week, but nevertheless there were quite a few series that I finished as everything I watched any of I also completed.

Episodes watched in the past week:
Fushigi na Somera-chan ep. 12 END
Hacka Doll The Animation ep. 13 END
Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan ep. 13 END
One Punch Man ep. 12 END
Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken ep. 11
Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken ep. 12 END
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen ep. 11
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen ep. 12 END

Autumn 2015 Status:

Series rankings at present:
1. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry
2. Lance N’ Masques
3. Itoshi no Muco
4. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
5. Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!
6. Noragami Aragoto
7. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??
8. Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai (up 1)
9. Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets♥Sareta Ken (up 1)
10. Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen (down 2)
11. Teekyuu 6
12. Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru
13. Fushigi no Somera-chan (up 1)
14. Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan (down 1)
15. Heavy Object
16. Hacka Doll The Animation
17. Komori-san wa Kotowarenai
18. One Punch Man
19. Dance with Devils
20. Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note

Fushigi na Somera-chan was, in a word, menoussoue-like. As in, utterly bizarre, random and inexplicable. But funny for it.

Hacka Doll and Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan were both a few minutes of fun a week. That’s as much as can be said for either, but that’s also quite enough for me.

One Punch Man was… meh. Forgettable characters, battles which were eah less engaging than the last (the final one is probably the most boring fight I have ever seen in any anime) and a setting and concept with really limited potential. I had sort of hoped that the series would excel and take off but instead it just drifted away constantly in the wrong direction. The humour, of course, was the saving grace, but the gaps between the jokes got wider and wider as the series went on.

Shomin Sample was a good fun series but not much more than that. The only thing that makes me want more of it is wondering how Eri gets into the actual storyline, as she inevitably will do at some point (if she wasn’t going to then they wouldn’t keep giving her cameo appearances…)

Owari no Seraph – I really don’t like the direction that the final episode took. Which is a shame because it had been quite enjoyable up to that point. Indeed this was suffiient to kill any interest in buying the manga or indeed anything else related to the series.

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