Weekly Anime Roundup – Summer 2015 Week 13 (sort of) Final Week

It’s been one of those weeks – a busy weekend followed by a week of not feeling very well means not much anime has been watched. Oh well, if there was going to be a week where that happened then this would be the one I would want it to be at least, what with the lack of new episodes airing.

That said, having not finished either all of Spring nor all of Summer I can’t really do a final post for either. I’m not entirely sure I ever will, though, so you’ll just have to treat this as the final for Summer.

Episodes watched in the past week:
Wakaba*Girl 13 END
Gakkou Gurashi! 12 END
Gangsta. 3 DROPPED
Himouto! Umaru-chan’S 12 END
Overlord 11
Overlord 12
Overlord 13 END
Sore ga Seiyuu! 6
Sore ga Seiyuu! 7
Sore ga Seiyuu! 8

Summer 2015 (more-or-less) Final Status:

Series rankings at present:
1. Non Non Biyori Repeat
2. Rokka no Yuusha
3. Joukamachi no Dandelion (up 1)
4. Gakkou Gurashi! (down 1)
5. Himouto! Umaru-chan
6. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
7. Overlord
8. Sore ga Seiyuu (up 1)
9. Wakaba*Girl (down 1)
10. Shimoneta to Iu Gainan ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai
11. Teekyuu 5
12. Danchigai
13. Million Doll (up 1)

Charlotte has been removed from the rankings due to an insufficient number of episodes watched.


Gangsta., well, just isn’t my kind of series. The first episode was surprisingly captivating, so I kept going with it for a while, but after that it just faded away and bored me stiff. That is the reason why it was dropped, and also the reason why I only watched episode 3 this week.

Gakkou Gurashi! (or is it Gakkougurashi!?) got off to a great start, and each of the continuous reveals of the series managed to get me more and more captivated. With that said, later episodes dropped the ball a bit, with reveals of “shit that was like that all along” being replaced at times with “hey we found this thing for no apparent reason just as it became hugely important for us to have it”. That is being rather harsh, though, and the series was good from start to finish. I will be getting the manga of this one.

Umaru-chan’S is just a little sketch parody extra, doing what little sketch parody extras usually do – provide solid and underappreciated entertainment.

Wakaba*Girl – a good bit of fun, and I wish there was more to it. Not much else to say than that. I’m on the fence about buying the manga.

Overlord managed to be both better and worse than I had expected. In other words, it started out as something very different to what I had assumed it was iven the synopsis, which I wasn’t sure I liked that much, although I certainly liked it enough to keep going. As it went along, though, I grew more attached to the series, and as it started to develop it gradually shifted towards my original expectations, as well as shifting where my current expectations for the series were. Worth a watch, though, and I’ll get my hands on the novels sooner or later.

I’m still not sure whether or not I will finish Sore ga Seiyuu. If I do drop it, it will be purely down to fansub rule.

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