Weekly Anime Roundup – Summer 2015 Week 2

No continuations yet – I was going to watch the second episode of Non Non but decided instead to continue with new stuff. I’ll probably start most of the rest over the current week.

Episodes watched this week:
Suzakinishi the Animation 1
Himouto! Umaru-chan 1
Danchigai 1
Ichigo Mashimaro 9
Rokka no Yuusha 1
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri 1
Bikini Warriors 1
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki 1 DROPPED
Sore ga Seiyuu! 1
Wakako-zake 1 DROPPED
Gakkou Gurashi! 1
Kurayami Santa 1
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace 1
Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai 1
Gangsta. 1
Makura no Danshi 1

Summer 2015 Status:

Series rankings at present:
1. Non Non Biyori Repeat
2. Sore ga Seiyuu (new)
3. Teekyuu 5 (down 1)
4. Wakaba*Girl (down 1)
5. Himouto! Umaru-chan (new)
6. Gakkou Gurashi! (new)
7. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (new)
8. Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace (new)
9. Rokka no Yuusha (new)
10. Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai (new)
11. Bikini Warriors (new)
12. Gangsta. (new)
13. Miss Monochrome – The Animation 2 (down 9)
14. Danchigai (new)
15. Okusama ga Seitokaichou! (down 10)
16. Suzakinishi the Animation (new)
17. Makura no Danshi (new)
18. Kurayami Santa (new)
19. Classroom Crisis (down 13)

Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku

Not yet watched:
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
God Eater
Jitsu wa Watashi wa
Joukamachi no Dandelion
Kangoku Gakuen
Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan
Million Doll
Ushio to Tora
Venus Project: Climax

Not yet aired:
Chu Feng: BEE
Pikkapika Summer

There were quite a few series which I got a different level of enjoyment out of than I had expected. Some in a good way, some bad.

Whilst, as I said last week, it was disappointing that Wakaba*Girl was as short as it was, that doesn’t mean that short series are inherently inferior. Indeed, there are some series that, for one reason or another, work better as shorts. Bikini Warriors is one of these. For a series that I had expected to drop within seconds, the actual result was a very pleasant surprise. I like parodies and series that make fun of themselves, and this is one that fits nicely into this category. That said, I’m remaining cautious as there’s no way to tell if the series will keep up what it has done so far.

Sore ga Seiyuu was, of course, a pleasant surprise. I had thought that there was a chance that this series could be good, but I hadn’t expected it to have the most enjoyable first episode so far. I’m not really the type who follow seiyuu or even pays attention to who is voicing which character (as this breaks me away from my immersion in the series), but nonetheless I found this series to be a mixture of a good fun series and a source of information of which I had previously had only fragmentary knowledge.

Himouto! Umaru-chan was another one with a great first episode and…

…If I stick with this pace of writing I’ll still be here at nightfall, so I’m going to skip over most of the rest, sorry. I should have written these out as I was watching, rather than trying to put everything together at the end of the week.

However, for those series which I dropped, there will be no further opportunity to talk about them.

Wakako-Zake there actually isn’t much to talk about. Series about food only work if they make you want to try the food yourself – even in situations where the food doesn’t actually exist. This one did not do this in the slightest. Combine that with an uncanny-valley tier design of the main character, and the fact that I really dislike drunken behaviour and you have a recipe for a quick drop with no need to even think about it. Which is what happened here.

Chaos Dragon, on the other hand… The episode started off clumsily done but showing signs of promise to come later in the series. Right up until a certain point, at which it launched itself into a freefall akin to that of a solo skydiver who thinks parachutes are for wimps. When an antagonist with a clear and definite objective (and who is clearly in control of the situation) makes decisions that are both counterintuitive for their immediate situation and obviously actively hinder their chances of getting what they want. When a character sets one objective and in doing so ends up doing the opposite to the extent of… well, I don’t really want to say in case there are people who are somehow looking forward to this. Where there is evidently an attempt at a clash of multiple sides each with their own objectives but half of them are not explained and the other half seem to be doing everything they possibly can to hinder their own objectives. Then you know that a series isn’t worth watching.

On a side note, Makura no Danshi, which honestly would have been slightly creepy if I had watched it the way it was intended (i.e. with the sole character talking to me with those sickeningly soppy lines and eyes that stare right into you – which might be a good thing from someone you love but is downright disturbing from a character you know nothing about and who you’ve never encountered before), ended up being rather amusing by instead imagining that the boy was some kuso-teitoku trying to seduce his Akebono into sleeping with him (and, of course, coming up with her reactions). This scenario worked a surprisingly long way into the episode…

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