English and Japanese Light Novel Releases for Week Commencing 2nd March 2015

EDIT: Fixed the date in the title. Sorry!

I added a handful of series to MAL’s database so that they would have translated titles this week. I don’t see that being a regular occurrance, but it should increase the ability of others to add female-oriented titles on there, which are hugely underrepresented at present.

English Releases:


Japanese Releases:

Cobalt Bunko: (release date 3rd March)
Ukon no Gyouan 23 Hayou no Tsurugi 6 (鬱金の暁闇 23 破妖の剣(6))
Akumade Akuma! ~Omae ni Saisho de Saigo no Koi wo Oshiete Yaru~ (あくまで悪魔! 〜おまえに最初で最後の恋を教えてやる〜)
五国神仙遊戯 ここで一花咲かせましょう!

Ponycan books Light Novel Series: (release date 3rd March)
Hoshikuzu Eiyuuden 11: Kyouzou Uchuu no Eiyuu-tachi (part 2) (星くず英雄伝(11) 鏡像宇宙の英雄達(中))
Kakuheki no Make Doll (赫碧のメイクドール)
Lance N’ Masques 4
Saiko Hunter Ryuu 2 (菜娘ハンター・リュウ 2)
Senkou no Whiteout 3 (閃光のホワイトアウト 3)
L.A.T.: Kyuushuu! Matsukita Koukou Houritsu Soudanbu 2 (L.A.T 急襲!松北高校法律相談部 2)

Chiffon Bunko: (release date 3rd March)

Kodansha BOX: (release date 3rd March)

JUMP j BOOKS: (release date 4th March)
NARUTO: Shikamaru Hiden (NARUTO ─ナルト─ シカマル秘伝)
Kaidan Kanojo 3 ~Zashikiwarashi~ (怪談彼女 3 ~座敷童子~)
Mametsu no Toko 3 (魔滅のトーコ 3)
スクールポーカーウォーズ 1

Kodansha X Bunko White Heart: (release date 4th March)
Hakushaku-ka no Zousho Mokuroku: Saint Rafael yoi-tan 1 (伯爵家の蔵書目録 セント・ラファエロ妖異譚1)
女伯爵マティルダ カノッサの愛しい人
Ijiwaru Onmyouji to Oni Tsuki Hime (いじわる陰陽師と鬼憑き姫)

Freedom Novel: (release date 5th March)

Feather Bunko: (release date 5th March)

Sakura no Mori Bunko: (release date 5th March)
Kaze to Lute no Shirabe ni Nosete 7 (風とリュートの調べにのせて7)
Criminal World Order 2 (クリミナル・ワールドオーダー2)

T-Line Novels: (release date 6th March)
Atashira Yuuutsu Chuugakusei 1. Kyouison (あたしら憂鬱中学生 1.共依存)
Otogikitan Mouja to Kikoku no Kaiitan (お伽鬼譚 亡者と鬼哭の怪異譚)
仙境王還記 みどりごの魔宵歌

Unknown label/not a light novel:
小説 千本桜 参
Fire◎Flower 君を好きでいられて良かった

Disclaimers: Volumes not on amazon’s list of upcoming light novel releases are not listed above. Re-releases may be included by accident but will be removed if spotted. Romaji titles may not be entirely accurate. Some titles are in practice released a day or two earlier than the release dates given above.

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