English and Japanese Light Novel Releases for Week Commencing 2nd February 2015

As usual for the first week of the month, there’s not much released this week that is likely to garner much attention from the typical reader.

English Releases:


Japanese Releases:

Vanilla Bunko: (release date 3rd February)

Ponycan Books Light Novel Series: (release date 3rd February)
Hoshikuu Eiyuuden 5 Ginga Taisen no Miko-tachi (星くず英雄伝(5) 銀河大戦の巫女たち)
Mahou Shoujo Overage “Watashi-tachi, Mou Henshin Shitaku Arimasen” (魔法少女オーバーエイジ「私たち、もう変身したくありません」)
Glasslip 2 (小説版グラスリップ(2))

Beginning Novels: (release date 3rd February)
魔王の始め方 1
姫騎士がクラスメート! 1

Jump j Books: (release date 4th February)
NARUTO-ナルト- カカシ秘伝
サモンナイトU:X 理想郷の殉難者たち

Kodansha X Bunko White Heart: (release date 4th February)
学園潜入してみました ~フェロモン探偵さらなる受難の日々~
ランジャールの宝冠 密約の宰相と三人目の婚約者

Opal Bunko: (release date 4th February)
どっちも、好きでしょ? 王子な彼氏とケモノな弟の極上トライアングル

Sakura no Mori Bunko: (release date 5th February)

T-Line Novels: (release date 6th February)
実存系ドグマストラ 勇者タケジョーの青き流転
大正月光綺譚 魔術少女あやね

Adult light novel labels with releases this week:
Real Dream Bunko (release date 2nd February)

Disclaimers: Volumes not on amazon’s list of upcoming light novel releases are not listed above. Re-releases may be included by accident but will be removed if spotted. Romaji titles may not be entirely accurate. Some titles are in practice released a day or two earlier than the release dates given above.

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