Weekly anime roundup – pre-Winter 2015 catch up week

I’ve spent a lot more time this week sorting out other things, or reading, than I have on anime. In part because the gap between seasons is larger here, and in part because there’s just been so much stuff for me to read.

Episodes watched this week:
Sora no Method 11
Sora no Method 12
Sora no Method 13 END
Akatsuki no Yona 13
Shirobako 13
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 11
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso 12 DROPPED partway through

Let’s start with Sora no Method. These last three episodes were a bit… strange. Episode 11 felt like the final episode, bringing the series to a very definite conclusion. If someone wanted to they could end the series there and they wouldn’t suspect for a moment that there were actually another 2 episodes to go. However, knowing as I did that there would be another couple of episodes after that one, it was pretty obvious where they would go. But the way they got there was completely unexpected… Still, a decent enough series, even if Nonoka was constantly too obsessed with what she didn’t have to care about what she did – and noone seemed to mind.

Akatsuki no Yona continues to be thoroughly enjoyable. Shirobako continues to be Shirobako (do people really progress that quickly in the anime industry?)

Shigatsu… just dripped further and further into the side of the series that I don’t like until I’d had enough. The concert episodes were great, but outside of them I just don’t like the path this series is so obviously and happily strolling down.

Looking ahead now to the upcoming season and there are a lot of series that it’s looking like I’ll have to turn to fansubs for. I’m still updating the blog post with new simulcast announcements, and there’s doubtless more to come (here’s looking at you, Dog Days), but there’s currently just 7 of the 19 new things that I intended to try that are available to us here in the UK – and 8 of the others have been picked up in such a way that indicates that we won’t be able to watch them (seven on funimation*, with the other one a TBS series on crunchyroll).

*It’s still possible, of course, that Seiken Tsukai no World Break will join the other TV Tokyo titles that Funi picked up in being available on CR – EDIT: It happened. There’s also a tiny chance that Animax or, less likely still, Wakanim might pick up one or two.

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