The new LNDB thread for Bestselling Light Novel volumes of 2015/all time is now up.

I have just finished creating the new thread on the LNDB forums for the bestselling light novel volumes of the year/all time. This can be found here:

For those who don’t know what this is, it is a thread that lists the accumulated sales figures of all light novel volumes. There are separate lists for each year, as well as one for all time sales. Obviously, data is only included if I have access to it.

As the thread is only just added, there are likely to be things that need polishing. There are also new features that I have made room for which have not yet been added.

Changes on before:

– The thread is split out over multiple posts. This is the main change, and the reason why I made the new thread in the first place. I was having to reduce the contents of the thread because I was hitting the limit of the number of characters allowed in a post. Hopefully the new thread will suffice for a long time yet. This has necessitated the introduction of a contents section which didn’t exist before, and split the all time rankings over 3 posts, with breaks at suitable sales figures.

– As the restrictions are now lifted, I have readded the number of days in the rankings where I had had this before. This and the links can now be expanded once more, and will eventually cover most volumes.

– I have added more detail about what is and isn’t included, as well as information on why my data may not match that of elsewhere. When I first created the old thread there were far fewer rankings than there are now, and the increase has, I feel, necessitated this change.

– I have added a post for a “redux” list which will be added in the near future. I already have this data just not in a format that is remotely like what can be posted. This list will include only the bestselling volume of any given series (stuff like SAO, SAO: Progressive and SAO:GGO are counted as three separate series), and be just the series title and sales figure – nothing else (if you want to find more detail you can look it up in the full list above).

– I have also added a post for the top 40 bestselling volumes by their sales after 3 weeks. This is to remove the sales at the time getting obscured by later boosts and put everything on a level playing field. 3 weeks is, I feel, sufficiently long enough to minimise the effect caused by what day of the week the volume was released on (which is a huge factor on the first week and still significant on week 2). This is limited to the top 40 to save me effort and to ensure that just about all volumes should actually have three weeks of sales. As the volumes which I currently hold this data for has no correlation with how much they sold, I will have to construct this from scratch and as such it is likely to be a while before it is added, particularly with all the other things that need to be added/updated to match the other changes going on.

– The past yearly sales rankings are now all on the same page as the current ones.

– The year bestsellers list for 2015 has been added. This would have happened anyway, but is worth pointing out nonetheless. At present there is only one thing on it as only one thing sold >30k copies during the first week of the year alone.

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