Weekly anime roundup – end 2014 Dead Week

I call this week “dead week” because almost all the last episodes of autumn have finished airing, all the first episodes of winter have not yet aired, and a lot of the ongoing series have a week off. It’s the week of the year when the least anime episodes air, and it’s the week of the year when I watch the fewest episodes as well (excluding those when I’m not around to watch any).As such this blog post is rather shorter than usual.

Episodes watched this week:
Log Horizon 2nd Series 13
Shirobako 12
Sora no Method 10
Madan no Ou to Vanadis 13 END

Yup, just four episodes.

Madan had quite a nice conclusive ending, although that makes it less likely for there to be a sequel. That said, there most likely wouldn’t have been one anyway (MF Bunko J aren’t exactly fond of having more than one season of anime adaptation for their light novels) even if that means that a character was included in the OP and ED with no intention of ever getting animated in the series itself. Perhaps for the sake of completion (the number of them is mentioned in the series on multiple occasions after all)? Or perhaps to get more people to buy the novels. I’ll be buying them, but not because of that.
The next week may not be an actual week, as it will cover up to the time when I start my first winter episode.

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